Fitness at the Y


The first YMCA buildings constructed with gymnasiums opened in 1869. In 1881, Boston YMCA staffer Robert J. Roberts coined the term “body building” and developed exercise classes that anticipated today’s fitness workouts.   Roberts organized exercise regimes that morphed over the years into the fitness classes of today.


Wellness center


Enjoy working out at one of our 3 Wellness Centers at the Lansdowne, Ridley, or Springfield YMCA.  Each of our locations has received new equipment over the past 5 years.  The Y is following all the protocols to keep you and staff safe.  Machines and equipment are spread out and everyone in the building must wear masks at all times.

Lansdowne YMCA Branch        Ridley YMCA Branch      Springfield YMCA Branch



Group Exercise


The Y offers a variety of group exercise classes at each of its locations everyday.  You can find a group class at your YMCA by clicking the button below to see what classes are offered on what day.  We also offer virtual group exercise classes as well.


Lansdowne YMCA Group Ex      Ridley YMCA Group Ex        Springfield YMCA Group Ex    Virtual Group Ex



 Personal Training

Need help getting motivated, bored with your routine or been exercising with no results? Let our qualified personal trainers design or redesign your program to help you get the most out of your workout. Don’t miss out – this is great for all ages.

Personal Training

We can help with:
Strengthening & Toning
Decreasing Body Fat
Improving Self-Esteem
Reducing Stress
Increasing Muscle Mass
Feeling Better
Improving Balance & Posture
Working with Machines & Dumbbells



Lansdowne Personal Training      Ridley Personal Training      Springfield Personal Training



Aquatic Classes


All 3 of our locations have different Aqua Aerobic classes offered throughout the week.


Lansdowne Group Aquatic Classes    Ridley Group Aquatic Classes    Springfield Group Aquatic Classes