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Become An Official

Are you bored between events at your child’s swim meet? Why not become an official! The advantages of officiating at a meet are:

  • It makes the meet go by much faster since you are doing something instead of just sitting in the stands.
  • You ensure quality officiating by becoming a part of the system.
  • You get to know other parents, volunteers, and coaches and may make new friends as a result.
  • It’s much less crowded on deck and a whole lot cooler.
  • There’s no admission charge and you get a free heat sheet.
  • Your child will think you are cool.
  • See YMCA Swim Official’s Classes

Meet Positions

It takes at least 26 people to conduct a meet correctly.

No certification needed for the following positions:

  • Timers – 13 Timers for a 6 Lane Pool. 17 timers for an 8 lane pool.
  • Scorers – 3 scorers needed.
  • Announcer – 1
  • Place Judge – 2
  • Runner – 1 needed, works best with 2 if electronic timing is not used.
  • Computer Console Operator – 1
  • Timing Console Operator – 1

YMCA Official Certification required for the following positions:

  • Stroke/Turn Judges – 4 judges needed
  • Starter/Referee – 2 positions can be done by one person. (Also requires a league certification)

View the swimming rules for the various swimming categories.

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President Anne Lehman thomnanne@hotmail.com
Vice President Leo Mancuso ljmancuso@comcast.net
Treasurer Erin Booth eringobooth@comcast.net
Secretary Shantara Smith shantara_smith1979@yahoo.com
ScoreBoard & Console Colleen Barber cbarber@suneast.org
Larry Rankin laranks@aol.com
Meet Director (officials) Anne Lehman thomnanne@hotmail.com
Girls Team Rep Debbie Stone debstoner127@yahoo.com
Boys Team Rep Keyshia Butler kemoni2000@aol.com
Apparel Deidre Rockemore drockemore@gsep.org
Leanne Thompson genimi210@gmail.com
Snack Bar Girls Marianne Coffman cutsbypage@gmail.com
Snack Bar Girls Assist Selina Finn sjopimo@aol.com
Snack Bar Boys Michael Cooley michael@karencooley.com
Team Photographer Girls Meg Dierkes dierkes10@gmail.com
Team Photographer Boys
Senior Recognition
Parents/Coach Liaison Michael Murphy murphdogunivercity@yahoo.com
Fundraising Mary Campion swimfan15@yahoo.com


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