Volunteer / Parent Information

Volunteer Process  new_sticker

All volunteers (swimmers and parents) for the upcoming season please follow the steps below:

  • Go to our website: https://www.cyedc.org
  • Click “Volunteer” on the right side of your screen
  • Scroll down to complete application (make sure to attach valid ID)
  • The website is a secure link so all information is protected
  • HR Director Jamie Mingis jmingis@cyedc.org can answer all questions on this issue
  • If you volunteered during the 2018-19 Season and plan to volunteer again in the 2019-20 Season, please email coachmike@cyedc.org

Thank you very much for taking the time to compete this process.

Become An Official

Are you bored between events at your child’s swim meet? Why not become an official! The advantages of officiating at a meet are:

  • It makes the meet go by much faster since you are doing something instead of just sitting in the stands.
  • You ensure quality officiating by becoming a part of the system.
  • You get to know other parents, volunteers, and coaches and may make new friends as a result.
  • It’s much less crowded on deck and a whole lot cooler.
  • There’s no admission charge and you get a free heat sheet.
  • Your child will think you are cool.
  • See YMCA Swim Official’s Classes

Meet Positions

It takes at least 26 people to conduct a meet correctly.

No certification needed for the following positions:

  • Timers – 13 Timers for a 6 Lane Pool. 17 timers for an 8 lane pool.
  • Scorers – 3 scorers needed.
  • Announcer – 1
  • Place Judge – 2
  • Runner – 1 needed, works best with 2 if electronic timing is not used.
  • Computer Console Operator – 1
  • Timing Console Operator – 1

YMCA Official Certification required for the following positions:

  • Stroke/Turn Judges – 4 judges needed
  • Starter/Referee – 2 positions can be done by one person. (Also requires a league certification)

View the swimming rules for the various swimming categories.

Parent’s Association




President Anne Lehman thomnanne@hotmail.com
Vice President Leo Mancuso ljmancuso@comcast.net
Treasurer Erin Booth eringobooth@comcast.net
Secretary Shantara Smith shantara_smith1979@yahoo.com
ScoreBoard & Console Colleen Barber cbarber@suneast.org
Larry Rankin laranks@aol.com
Meet Director (officials) Anne Lehman thomnanne@hotmail.com
Girls Team Rep Debbie Stone debstoner127@yahoo.com
Boys Team Rep Keyshia Butler kemoni2000@aol.com
Apparel Deidre Rockemore drockemore@gsep.org
Leanne Thompson genimi210@gmail.com
Snack Bar Girls Marianne Coffman cutsbypage@gmail.com
Snack Bar Girls Assist Selina Finn sjopimo@aol.com
Snack Bar Boys Michael Cooley michael@karencooley.com
Team Photographer Girls Meg Dierkes dierkes10@gmail.com
Team Photographer Boys
Senior Recognition
Parents/Coach Liaison Michael Murphy murphdogunivercity@yahoo.com
Fundraising Mary Campion swimfan15@yahoo.com


Browse the Lansdowne Parents Association Bylaws.