Reopening the Y


PA GREEN PHASE – YMCA Facilities may reopen with limitations

Please take a look at  the FAQ about Y Membership and Facility Reopening page for more specific information about membership and facility usage.

NOTE: You must use your HOME BRANCH ONLY. Guests & Visiting other Y locations is not permitted at this time.

We have been blessed to have many of our members continue to be our partners and have chosen to Make a Financial Gift to support our efforts and help sustain the Y. They understand the Y is more than a gym, a pool or a basketball court. We want to THANK them for making a difference.

As we navigate through reopening the YMCA facility, we continue to put the needs, health and safety of our members and staff at the forefront of our decision making process. Guidelines to reopen our programs and facilities.

We are going to take a slow and deliberate approach to reopening. There will be many changes to the Y that you may not agree with and may be an inconvenience.  All of these efforts are being made to keep everyone safe so we can all get back to healthier living.

We can assure you that everything we are doing will enable us to continue to deliver on our core mission, doing so to the fullest “normal” extent that is safely possible.

In each STEP of our reopening plan, we will be communicating with you.

On Monday June 29th, all branches will begin a THREE-STEP Approach to Opening  – WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING TO MOVE TO STEP 3 BY SEPTEMBER 8, 2020

To re-open our branches while keeping the safety of members and staff as our highest priority, we will work through the following THREE-STEP Approach that will gradually return us to full operations. Each STEP will last long enough for us to test our systems and make any adjustments needed before moving to the next STEP. Expect each STEP to take between 1-4 weeks.

This approach is aligned with recommendations from the CDC, Y-USA, health care professionals and local and state authorities. We understand that some members may not agree with every step or guideline. For the good of all, it is vital that everyone cooperate. Compliance is non-negotiable.

Last updated 9/1/2020

During STEP THREE  will return to full membership fees on October 1, 2020.

What will be OPEN in STEP THREE?

  • You are required to wear a mask to enter the Y and travel through the common areas (like hallways, locker rooms and the pool deck).
    • Masks may be removed when exercising on a piece of equipment, but only if the member can do so while socially distant.
  • Hours of Operation will be expanded but limited to allow for more deep cleaning/sanitation time.
    •  Monday – Friday 5am – 9pm
    •  Saturday 6am – 6pm
    •  Sunday 9am – 3pm
  • Child Care and Summer Day Camp will continue to operate.
  • Fitness/Wellness Centers will be open for member use.
    • We have re-arranged equipment and taken some equipment out of service to adhere to the physical distancing recommendations and expect all members to maintain a six-foot distance from other members while using the Y.
    • To allow access to as many members as possible, we ask that you manage your workout time efficiently.Where possible, please keep your visit to one hour. We ask you to limit time on cardio equipment to 30 minutes.
    • Members will be required to clean and sanitize the equipment they use including free weight plates and dumbells.
  • We will begin group fitness classes at all branches - registration will be required
    • We will continue to offer virtual fitness classes
    • We will continue some outdoor fitness classes (weather permitting)
    • We will begin to offer competitive swim clinics with very limited enrollment
  • Beginning in Late September
    • Limited Aqua Fitness classes
    • Limited Spinning classes
    • Personal Training
  • Beginning in October
    • A NEW CYEDC Branch Reciprocity benefit program that will allow you to visit any CYEDC Branch (Lansdowne, Ridley, Springfield). Each month, at least 51% of your Y-visits must be made to your home YMCA.
    • Limited Youth Programs
    • Childwatch, babysitting or KidZone – limited enrollment with reservations required
    • Limited swim lessons & private swim lessons -  registration required
  • The pools will be open at all branches.
    • All branches are physically different, so please check with your HOME BRANCH about how to enter and exit the pool area.
    • No reservations are required for pool use. However, we will adhere to a maximum capacity at all locations. Aquatics staff will enforce these limits, so you may experience a wait time for pool use. We will strictly follow the posted pool schedules.
    • At the Lansdowne & Ridley branches:
      • During Lap Swim times, there will be 4 lap lanes with a Maximum of 2 people per lane, with two open exercise lanes.
      • During Recreational Swim times, there will be a maximum capacity of 25 members allowed in the pool at any given time.
    • At the Springfield branch:
      • In the Lap Pool, there will be a Maximum of 2 people per lane.
      • The Activity Pool will be available for family swim and open exercise. Maximum of 10 people at any one time.
  • Locker rooms for general member use with distancing restrictions. Showers will be available for use.
  • Reservation Basketball (Springfield Branch ONLY)
  • Tennis & Pickelball
  • Indoor Track (Springfield)
  • Water fountains will continue to be bottle-fill only.
  • All interior doors that can be propped open will remain open.
  • New member tours will begin.

What will be Closed or Not Available in STEP THREE?

  • Coffee or snack services
  • Sauna (Lansdowne branch)
  • Steam & Sauna (Springfield Branch)
  • Towel service (Springfield branch)
  • Racquetball and Squash (Springfield branch)
  • Pick-up or League Basketball (Springfield or Ridley branch)
  • Pick-up Volleyball (Springfield or Ridley branch)

What you will continue to experience during STEP THREE?

  • Everyone will receive a temperature check upon entering the Y. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be admitted into the Y.
  • We will only be using one entrance and one exit for all facilities. If you use a membership card or the app to check in, you will check in as usual at the bar code scanner. All members will be required to have their membership cards for contact-free self-scanning.
    •  Lansdowne branch – enter/exit through the parking lot doors. The Garrett Road entrance will be closed.
    •  Ridley branch – enter/exit through the front doors. The rear entrance will be closed.
    •  Springfield branch – enter/exit through the parking garage doors. The main hospital doors will be restricted to hospital visitations only.
  • Guests, visitors or YMCA Nationwide Membership privileges have been temporarily suspended at this time.
  • We are carving out additional cleaning breaks during the day to allow for extra cleaning in our branches.
    • Specific areas of our facilities will be CLOSED to members during these times.
    • Schedules of these closings will be posted in each branch.
  • You will see staff wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) appropriate to their jobs to protect themselves and you. Members are required to follow the PA Guidelines for use of PPE important to your own safety.
  • We have expanded our maintenance and cleaning staff, schedules and protocols to maximize sanitizing efforts throughout the building during our hours of operation, during the cleaning breaks when areas of our facilities are closed.
  • We have increased hand-washing supplies and hand sanitizer stations and strongly encourage members to frequently and thoroughly wash and clean your hands.
  • We have taken several steps to minimize your contact with frequently touched surfaces or items that cannot be sanitized:
    • We have removed all lobby & locker room furniture.
    • We have removed some small fitness equipment.
    • We have removed magazines and literature throughout the building.
    • Our Lost & Found will be emptied each night.
    • Water fountains will be bottle-fill only.
    • All interior doors that can be propped open will remain open.


Last updated 8/3/2020

  • Stay home if you don’t feel well.
  • CDC and state guidelines encourage seniors and other vulnerable populations to stay home.
  • Bring a face covering and filled water bottle. (ONLY bottle filling stations will be available)
  • Keep the kids at home—no childwatch, babysitting or KidZone services are available and we encourage anyone with kids under the age of 12 yrs old to make other arrangements.

  • Enter through the main entrance.
  • Health screening questions when you enter.
  • No-contact temperature checks at check-in. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to enter the Y.
  • Social distancing required at all times in the facility.
  • Masks/Face Coverings are mandatory in the Y. Please check your Home Branch for specific information.
  • Capacity for the areas in the facility will be limited.

  • Staff wearing masks and appropriate PPE.
  • Staff conducting disinfecting of high-touch surfaces and equipment regularly per CDC and local health guidelines.
  • Amenities and certain areas in every facility temporarily not available.
  • No contact payments are preferred, but we will have a drop box for cash and check payments.
  • A slow and measured approach to rebuilding full & robust program offerings.
  • In the Wellness/Fitness Centers, access to all wellness and exercise equipment (cardio, machines, weights) will be limited to maximize physical distancing; certain equipment pieces will be unavailable for use.
  • Increased signage throughout the building to encourage physical distancing, hand washing and promote cleaning efforts.
  • Masks/Face Coverings are mandatory in the Y. Please check your Home Branch for specific information.
  • We suggest that that you bring a water bottle from home. Only bottle filling stations will be available.
  • We recommend that the vulnerable populations of our Y members to be cautious and follow recommended guidelines on when to start being away from home more.



Please review all of the information provided here. If you still have other questions not answered in our communications, contact Steve Smith ( through email.

Thank you for supporting your YMCA. We have always adapted to the needs of our community and appreciate your continued help to stay strong and able to serve in new ways. We are STRONGER SUPPORTING EACH OTHER