Just My Thoughts....


It’s what our community is made of – you, me, he, she, them – Us.

Us happens when we lend a helping hand, a pledge friendship or live by the golden rule.

Us is when we get together for celebrations or moments of sorrow.

Us means we have shared history, and a collective stake in what the future holds.

But right now, Us looks different and sounds different. COVID has frayed the bond we once shared, and I think Us is slowly slipping away.

Right now, so many of Us need a place where common ground is plenty, and opportunities abound. We need a haven, away from the sounds and noises that are dividing Us.

I believe the Y can be that common ground, a place where the bonds we once shared can be repaired, a place that fills the gaps, bridges our divides in times of need when we are feeling lost.

The Y will always work towards a better Us, but we can’t do it without you and we can’t do it without Us working together with each other, without animosity or hatred towards one another, focused on a singular goal – Making our Community a Better Place for All.

Let your families, neighbors, friends, or strangers know that you belong to a place that brings people together and does not divide. Let them know that place is the Y.

Now more than ever the Y needs you and your support because we need to get back to Us.

I welcome your help, thoughts and comments to mranck@cyedc.org.