We are proud to offer the following programs designed to improve the health and strength of our community.

Livestrong Program

Veteran Wellness

Weight Loss & Diabetes Prevention

Make the Connection

Make the Connection connects Veterans, their families and friends, and other supporters to mental health information and hundreds of videos of Veterans sharing their inspiring stories of recovery. The site is free to use and accessible to everyone

Hope Changes Everything

The The Next Step program to any person in recovery or even a family member caring for a person in recovery looking to get back to a healthier lifestyle. The group meets twice a week for 12-weeks, and has full access to all facilities and programs the Y has to offer, with the personal support of Y staff and trainers.

This FREE program is a 12-week Addiction Recovery Wellness Program, which includes personal training, fitness classes, social activities, and more. A Family membership during the 12-week duration of the Recovery Wellness Program and a 6-Month Adult Memberships for person in recovery & spouse/partner after successful completion of the 12-week program (attend at least 16 classes and perform a community service project).

This program is offered at our Springfield, Ridley and Lansdowne branches. Contact Colleen Gutowski for more information.

Aqua MS

This aquatic program is for people with mild to moderate Multiple sclerosis. Water therapy is the easiest and most rewarding way to stay physically active. The buoyancy of the water helps support weak limbs, making them feel lighter all while creating and excellent environment for movement and exercise.

This program is offered at our Springfield branch. Contact Colleen Gutowski for more information.

Exercise to Help the Mind & Body

The Cycle for Parkinson’s program is a stationary cycling class designed from a Cleveland Clinic research study in which Parkinson’s patients have reported up to 35% decrease in their symptoms after participating in a cycling program. This class runs for 12 weeks, and will be taught by a certified Parkinson’s Cycle Coach twice a week. It is free for members. Once registered, you will be contacted for an initial meeting and fitness assessment.

This program is offered at our Springfield, Ridley and Lansdowne branches.

Aqua Parkinsons

Every Wednesday at 10AM.  This program allows you move in the water without stress on your joints.  Reduce symptoms, stay active, and stay connected.

This program is offered at our Springfield Branch.

Healthy Family Lifestyles

The Healthy Family Healthy Lifestyle is a three-month program for children with obesity. The program empowers 8 and older, with the support of their families, to reach a healthy weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The program, made up children and their adult, creates a safe, fun, and active environment for children and their families to explore and adopt proven methods to living a healthier lifestyle.

For more information or to register 610.557.YMCA (9622)