LIT Application

At the Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County, we take the Leader in Training Program (LIT) very seriously. We believe the future of our camps lies within you. We will train you and give you the tools necessary to become a great counselor. You will be the one who determines how these tools are used. Whether you have been a camper before, or this is your first experience with us, we believe you have the potential to be a great asset to the Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County. Please understand if you are accepted into the LIT Program, you are no longer a camper. This means from the moment you are accepted into this program, you will need to be a positive role model at camp, at the YMCA, and in public. As a LIT, you are a representative of the YMCA. Campers of all ages will now be looking to you for comfort, direction, and guidance. Throughout the summer, you will be working with the LIT Director on team building, activity planning, role modeling, problem solving and supervision. The majority of your LIT experience will be working within an assigned group of campers and staff. This will give you the chance to implement the skills you learned from the training and get a first hand experience in being a counselor. We are only taking a handful of applicants for the LIT Program. Acceptance to the program is based off this application and your letters of recommendation. A follow up interview will be arranged by the LIT Director. There is a weekly fee to be a LIT. We feel strongly about making the investment in you, therefore by setting a minimal fee we feel you are making an investment in us as well. If you have been to a LIT with our Y before, you will not have to fill out this application. Simply email regarding your interest and you will receive follow up communication. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County LIT.
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Program Information: Due to program numbers, we will only be accepting a total of 12 LITs PER SITE for the ENTIRE SUMMER. Parents and LITs must attend at one information and interview session to be eligible to participate in the LIT program. Parents and LITs may attend any of the sessions. The information meeting will be roughly 30 minutes to explain to the parent and child what the expectations for the Summer are. Parents will not be allowed into the interviews. We want LITs to treat this opportunity as a job. The interview portion will last roughly 15 minutes. Previous participation in the LIT program DOES NOT guarantee entry into the program for Summer 2023. Parents will be sent a registration link from after the interviews with their child are completed. LIT Group Interviews and Information Sessions: Session 1: March 25th @ Ridley Area YMCA 10am-3pm Session 2: April 5th @ Lansdowne YMCA 10am-2pm Mandatory Training: _ LIT Mandatory Training Session: _ What's Included: • 8-hour LIT training and camp orientation • First aid and CPR training certification (cost may be associated) • An LIT Shirt • Guaranteed a minimum of 30 hours of service hours • On-the-job experience • LIT Certificate and Letter of Recommendations at the end of summer Rules and Expectations: The YMCA attempts to teach all LITs the values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and caring. Parents will be notified if behavior problems occur. The general practice at the YMCA is to encourage and reward positive behavior and redirect misbehavior. Although we make every attempt to work with LITs and teach proper behavior, we will suspend or terminate LITs from the program as a last resort. LITs may be removed from the program for violating any of the following: • Violating the YMCA's Child Abuse Prevention Guidelines • Fighting of any kind • Failing to follow LIT Rules and Policies Camp Directors will reach out with an interview date
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