Youth and Family Programs at the Ridley Area YMCA

Class sizes have been limited to allow for physical distancing.  All employees and participants will practice hand hygiene prior to the start of class, masks must be worn throughout the class, and children will not share materials/equipment.

Arts & Humanities

We celebrate diversity and the arts everywhere at the Y. Our arts and humanities program encourages personal expression and the freedom to create, and provides new experiences for kids. Youth can explore and express their creative talents in a healthy and supportive environment for building new skills. Classes help children develop confidence and increased self-awareness as they participate in problem solving, critical thinking and attention to detail.


Here are just a few of the many classes available to you at the Y: Starting March 8

Parent/Tot Classes

Beginning at 6 months, parent/caregiver can take many classes with their little ones to help them begin socializing and developing their motor skills.

  • Music Wiggle & Giggle – Ages 1.5 – 3- Make music magic, grooving to the rhythm & beat using fun instruments. This class is a parent and child class

Fine Arts & Youth Fitness

Enjoy a wide array of classes including Dance, Arts & Crafts, Tumbling, Music, Science, and Food Preparation and Creation.


  • Preschool Picasso – Ages 3.5 – 6 – Create your own masterpieces using a wide range of art materials. Develop fine motor skills, language, cognitive skills and listening and following directions in an enriching environment.
  • Discovery Science– Ages 4-6 – while experimenting with everyday household items, watch things erupt and explode while having fun! .
  • Artist Studio – Ages 6 – 9 – Try famous artists’ techniques to explore various mediums and develop your inner artist.
  • Intro to T-Ball – Ages 3 – 5 – Have a baseball fan at home? This class will go over the basic skills from hitting, throwing, and running the bases.
  • Intro to Soccer – Ages 3 – 5 – Get ready to practice all the basic soccer skills with this class.  Children will get to practice passing, shooting, and dribbling the ball with their feet.
  • Intro to Basketball – Ages 3.5 – 6 – Have a child that wants to learn basketball? This weekly class will go over the fundamentals of basketball from dribbling, passing, and of course shooting. Each child will have their own basketball and will remain physically distanced throughout the class.
  • Basketball – Ages 6 – 9 – This class will continue teaching the basics of basketballs with more advanced drills to teach the skills of passing, shooting, and dribbling.
  • Intro to Ballet – Ages 6 – 9 – Have a child that wants to learn ballet? This weekly class will go over the fundamental skills of ballet. The children will be physically distanced from each other throughout the class.
  • Little Ninjas – Ages 3 – 5 – Little ninjas allows children to feel engaged with our martial arts program by providing strong visuals cues to help them align with their achievements and goals.
  • Ninjas Karate – Ages 6- 9yrs – The ninjas karate curriculum is the ongoing review and development of life skills such as positive mental attitude, perseverance, self-control, and confidence.





1 on 1 Youth Training for our Wellness Center.

Children from ages 12 to 14 will be trained in a 30 minute class how to use the equipment in the wellness center.

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Kid Zone

Our Kid Zone page provides children with activities to do from home. We have stories, crafts, virtual tours, and experiments.

Kid Zone
Kid Zone
A page dedicated to resources for your child. We have videos of stories read to you by YMCA teachers, experiments, crafts, and sites that give you a virtual tour of landmarks.
Visit Kid Zone