Youth & Family

All employees and participants will practice hand hygiene prior to the start of class, masks must be worn throughout the class, and children will not share materials/equipment.  

Arts & Humanities

We celebrate diversity and the arts everywhere at the Y. Our arts and humanities program encourages personal expression and the freedom to create, and provides new experiences for kids. Youth can explore and express their creative talents in a healthy and supportive environment for building new skills. Classes help children develop confidence and increased self-awareness as they participate in problem solving, critical thinking and attention to detail.


Youth Programs at the Lansdowne YMCA


Youth Programs at the Ridley YMCA


Youth Programs at the Springfield YMCA


1 on 1 Youth Training for our Wellness Center.

Children from ages 12 to 14 who are looking to start working out and using the equipment at the Y, will be trained in a 30 minute class in the wellness center at their branch.  Click below to find a time for your child to get 1 on 1 instruction.

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